Creation of professional videos

Hello community, I introduce myself my name is alexander and I have followed the project for two years and I would like to contribute to this growth, I know that marketing proposals are presented very frequently but as a member of the community I would like to offer professional videos at a price competitive since I benefit more from the scope of the videos than from what I would receive from the videos, the value proposition is the realization of short videos of no more than 2:30 minutes in motion graphics according to the graphic line of the project with support in videos, the graphic line is made according to a technical script, literary guide or brief, as well as voice-over, graphics, institutional logos and music, the rates are as follows:

1.Price per video of 2:30 minutes with the above described: 1500 usd
1 voiceover in English: 500 usd (The speaker is chosen according to the client’s parameters, we send real voices and the client chooses it)

Total per video: 2,000 per video

The duration of the video is according to the attention time of the people so if professional videos are made with the same scheme it is possible to reach more people, the idea of ​​the videos is to transmit in the best way the concept and the main characteristics of nyzo, the price is competitive because I live in Colombia and the labor is much cheaper but the quality is very good, if you request I can show you examples of videos that we have made for companies like Oreo, Rexona and others here in Colombia.

Thanks for your time


Hello Alex,

We’re indeed interested in a potential collaboration for explainer videos. Could you provide some examples of your work?

Thank you


Here you can see some of the videos made

the proposal has an adjustment since they are not 2000 per video but 1780