Enabling the Sentinel Web Monitor

The option to use the web monitor for the Sentinel is not enabled by default, but can be with the addition of 1 line into 1 new file.

echo "start_web_listener=1" >> /var/lib/nyzo/production/preferences

This should create a new file in the /var/lib/nyzo/production/ directory by the name of preferences and add start_web_listener=1 to the very first line of the file. Then your Sentinel web monitor should be accessible simply by navigating to the IPv4 of your Sentinel in any explorer.

If permissions are denied doing this you might have to append the command with sudo first, if you still get permission denied errors, just

sudo nano /var/lib/nyzo/production/preferences

paste start_web_listener=1 into the first line
ctrl+x then, y , then press enter to save and exit.

At this time the layout is pretty basic, but still gives good insight as to how the Sentinel is working.


Release notes for this function: https://nyzo.co/releaseNotes/529

Be sure that you understand the potential vulnerabilities associated with using this functionality before you activate it. This is still an unsecured, unauthenticated connection, and the information provided by this interface could be useful to an attacker trying to disable groups of verifiers.