Iyomisc Development

NYZO Contribution


  • joining cycle odds calculator
  • Richlist
  • Explorer (addresses, blocks, transactions, search feature)
  • Cycle (you can watch your verifiers/nodes to see where they are in the cycle and when they will make a new block)
  • Cycle votes (you can see who voted for cycle transactions, simply select a cycle tx and then you can lookup your address in the table and make sure you voted)

Nyzeye discord bot

GitHub link: https://github.com/iyomisc/Nyzeye-discord-bot

  • Verifier surveillance - DM if verifier/node is in trouble, list managed verifiers with balance and current state (up, down, queue or cycle)
  • Shows the balance of a given address
  • Shows current Nyzo price on several exchanges
  • Tipbot (deposit from Nyzo chain and feeless discord tips)