Marketing proposal - Nyzo

I am Lawrence, the head of marketing at Uncharted Group

Uncharted Group belongs in the category of the world’s most specialized marketing agencies that deal with blockchain and cryptocurrency marketing companies/ campaigns. We are an agency trusted by MetaMask, KuCoin, Yahoo Finance and many more.

At Uncharted Group we offer tailor-made services such as:

  • Full DeFi preparation

  • STO (Audit and more)

  • Marketing influencers (BitBoy Crypto, Mr Gem, VenusQueen) (< AMA if wanted )

  • Search engine optimization (keyword research for target audience, engaging content)

  • Social media management (content strategy, huge engagement)

  • Community management (24/7 Telegram/Discord management)

  • PPC (identify high ROI strategies, custom-built campaign on SM, 24/7 monitoring)

  • Growth Hacking packaged (Reddit(SSB, WSB, CMS), 4chan, Bitcointalk and more)

  • Publisher marketplace (ask for more info)

We noticed this coin while searching for projects which we would like to help to achieve the next level/get more exposure. We found this coin on while browsing Coingecko

At Uncharted Group we have multiple packages we tailor especially for our client’s wishes.

There is no ‘specific’ price for a package since a tailored campaign/marketing program will be handmade and different for everyone.

We are vouched by many crypto influencers such as CryptoDaily, CoinBureau, BitBoy Crypto. Also projects such as Cummies, Hyve, Verasity, Quai DAO, DFT, Civitas and many more.

If you would be interested or consider any of our services, please head over to our website: and our twitter:

nice information thanks for sharing the info