Marketing-Twitch and Trovo channels

I followed your community work regarding marketing, the plan is good but not completely complete, I don’t think it’s enough to advertise only on Tiktok and Instagram, marketing must be a lot wider (for example You Tube, Twitch, Trovo and other sites of that type), I have a well-developed plan so that this can be further expanded and so that more people can get involved in this story, because today product marketing is more important than the product itself, unfortunately. with that business.
I would make NYZO on Twitch, Trovo, YouTube where people could later make live and clips, how to do tasks to make people earn NYZO.
For this project I would need about 14000coins for starts (About $ 4000).
I have a lot of experience with making clips and live on these platforms.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have NYZO themed streams every week. Wow sounds great to me.

I worked out the plan as follows.

  1. As for Twitch. I would make a channel on which streams 1 will be held on Sunday (for example on Saturdays) and on that stream there would be talk about NYZO and questions would be asked in the chat to which they would answer on the stream.
  2. As far as Trovo is concerned, the same is true as for Twitch, except that we would stream on Trov another day.
  3. And finally, a new YouTube channel or to improve the existing one because we are not active on YouTube at the moment. I thought that we would post a video at least once in two weeks with NYZO tutorials.

It would allocate resources as follows:
About 30% of the Twitch resource
About 30% of the Trovo resource
About 30% of YouTube resources
And 10% of the resources for my services

Over 1000 new discord users
New tutorials to help other people get to know NYZO.
An even greater expansion of the NYZO marketing campaign.

I will ask some other members of the community to work on this project together in order to be as efficient as possible.
Write comments what you think about this project.

Great, sounds good to me. I like the idea of pushing for more marketing and fully support this.
You said that you have a lot of experience with making clips - could you share some of your previous work? Might help to imagine what you are planning.

This is one of my works. One of the tutorials released on YouTube.
And as for the NYZO project, I would also insert short YouTube videos
(YouTube shorts)

Hello everyone, I have news about my marketing proposal, I found someone who will do these live broadcasts, and I have already prepared some topics that will be covered on the live broadcasts. I would like to be more involved in this project. It would be best if this proposal of mine was put to the vote.It would be nice if @z0rn did that.

Bonjour oui cela parait bien comme initiative. Pourquoi pas faire un essai …

il faut que cela colle bien à l image…

We dont need two livestreams, and your asking for way to much up front.

If your serious about it make a YouTube Channel and create a video about Nyzo to show what you can do and then suggest a proposal about funding said channel.