NCFP-11: Candidate verifier must hold in some NYZO coin

Proposal: Nyzo node must have 100NYZO coin to be a valid Nyzo candidate verifier in the queue.

Reason: Many people in the community think that there are a large number of nodes using C class IPs in the queue. They use the server + container + C class IPs (to pay for server and IPs), and the nodes rotate online in 24 hours. And lower than the cost of using a normal VPS 24 hours online node cost. This has caused unfair cost differences among nodes of different technology groups, and maybe affects the decentralization of the entire Nyzo Chain in the long run.
Although many people call these queue nodes that are not online for 24 hours as “fake” nodes, the queue node itself does not have the function of tracking the entire network, but only tells nyzo mesh that I am a queue node sometimes in 24 hours. So these nodes comply with current rules.
Extending the required online time can not be substantially changed, at most it only increases the server performance to extend the online time.
The fundamental problem is the difference in costs, which makes many people feel unfair, which affects the enthusiasm of participation.
It is recommended that only a certain number of NYZO nodes have capital to become candidate verifiers in queue. Ordinary users build fewer nodes, enough to pay for these amounts of NYZO stored in the node, the cost of nodes that use a lot of C class IPs will increase very high, if each node must have 100NYZO, then the cost of 1 ordinary VPS node is 23.5 USD, the cost of a container node is 20+ USD,


    1. The queue node must hold in 100NYZO in order to be a candidate verifier and is eligible to be selected into the Nyzo cycle.
    1. In order to ensure the fairness of the nodes, the Nyzo verifier in Cycle must also have 100NYZO.

About amount:

    1. Adjusted once every six months in the form of a new proposal;
    1. The amount is controlled at about 20 US dollars
    1. The total number of coins that the queue node and the verifier must have (assuming the amount is 100∩, the total is 100∩*(candidate nodes + verifiers in cycle)) does not exceed 10% of the current supply

The proposal has been submitted to the cycle
If you agree with this proposal, please sign in cycle.
sudo java -jar /home/ubuntu/nyzoVerifier/build/libs/nyzoVerifier-1.0.jar co.nyzo.verifier.scripts.CycleTransactionSignScript sig_g3na8k4Pa_IaNGtBuy.MB6Mrxc41cmPC3eQuEYAGFucLCBo8pvGIt_vdpi-WNHdccHxYfgTKmLo0ZsgaHTXgGgM.6y2a 1

Feel free to discuss on this topic.

This doesn’t solve the problem. The gap between the cost of running 256 verifiers in 256 VPS vs running 256 verifiers in one VPS will be the same.
Besides, we need to come to an agreement on whether or not running 256 verifiers from a single instance is considered unfair. So let’s focus first on NCFP-10 and IF the cycle decides it is not fair, THEN we can discuss how it could be achieved.

I can see the goal, surely emerges from a good intent.

Potential drawbacks however:

  • You have to buy nyzos to be eligible (harder for newcomers than for already in cycle users)
  • may then be called ponzi in a wide sense.
  • A mass ip user, able to pay for 256 ips and already having in cycle verifiers - therefore nyzos - would have little difficulty feeding 256 nodes with 100 nyzos each. that’s just 25600 nyzos, not so much cost compared to the ips alone, while it’s a non negligible amount to buy on an exchange for a small user in some countries.
  • This would spam the balance list (thousands more accounts) therefore raise block size, disk storage need, bandwidth use

This would mostly benefit holders and support price on exchanges.
I’m not sure this penalizes the mass ip users more than the regular users. This would be alike all the pos masternodes, where big wallets have more share than small users. We’d move from pod to a pos/pod.

From I know, many different VPS is also running on one server, as is 256 running on one server. If A 256G server, also can likewise be split into 256 VPS(containers).
One is that the service provider has allocated VPS for you and is stable online, but the price is set at each VPS.
One is to rent the server and IPs, and then divide it into 256 VPS(containers) by yourself.

This proposal is stupid as it defeats the purpose of an equal opportunity chance. The idea to have 100 Nyzo on in queu/candidate verifier is not something that should be encouraged or wanted. It does not deter subnet exploiters.

Also :

Its not shit it’s only dog shit.

Fake nodes are fake nodes; do not twist words.

It is not PoS, still PoD.
The verifiers are still randomly selected. The only change is the need for 100NYZO, just 20dollar, like one-day parking fee.

Do you know what the “fake node” is, if not, check