NCFP-12 design a mechanism to let more people have coins

I have checked the rich list of Nyzo at, there are only 4302 people actually holding coins which means there are only thousands of people who know Nyzo, let alone those who have multiple wallets as a person. this is an emergence signal.
Our consensus algorithm is very good at protecting immediate power, but no people know our coin will be a bigger problem than that.
I think we should put more effort to let more people involved in otherwise there will be meaningless as a POD(diversity).
what do you think?

The most effective way of distributing coins is showing up on a bigger exchange. This would help us get out of anonymity, make nyzo accessible to more people and in time also open up new usecases.

Not sure why our community is silent on this. The project is solid, has proven it’s value and robustness, it is very inovative and since most of the coins are held the way they are we have nothing but positives. Exchanges market themselves as fair and supportive of good projects, so some should list us with no fees, but even if we are asked for a 6 figure sum for providing initial liquidity/distribution on an exchange, we should take it. We need visibility, even the best project will fail if it’s kept out of sight.

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I agree with you, even best project will fail without visibility!

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About Exchange listings. Everyone can touch exchange and recommend NYZO to the exchange. If the exchange needs some NYZO support, please submit it in the NCFP-5(NCFP-5: Exchange listings), and the verifier will create a proposal in cycle for voting.