NCFP-13: Marketplace in Cloud Service Provider

Purpose: Integrate Nyzo Verifier into the marketplace of cloud service providers, so that ordinary users can quickly setup Nyzo Verifier

  1. Only the user can get the private key
  2. Contains Nyzo project introduction, operation instructions, private key acquisition method, etc.
  3. The user can set “VerifierName” through user options,

For example:
NCFP-13.1: Integrate Nyzo Verifier into marketplace of aws(
Implementation price: 10,000 NYZO (set your price)
Implementation time: 4 weeks

Funds can be hosted by trusted people in the community and paid after the task is completed.


Keep Blank Blank Blank

Some cloud service providers that provides marketplace
Google Cloud

Some other blockchain project reference link:

I like the idea. No idea how much work it takes to add it to the marketplace, but would value this higher than 10k nyzo because how useful it would be. It would attract new people imo.