NCFP-14: A proposal for rewarding NYZO Discord community contributions

Rather than complicated rewarding systems, I am proposing a simple, three-tiered system that will give enough incentive to the Zonys to support further growth of NYZO. Community members skills are valuable part of NYZO eco-system and their contribution should be properly rewarded by using NYZO community fund.

The first tier rewards and encourages skilled NYZO Discord community members to provide the support by searching for, presenting details of, or fixing bugs or developing methods and apps that will help continues NYZO development.

The second tier rewards community members for helping the others in general (how to easy setup and maintain queue and mesh verifiers, finding appropriate solutions for potential issues NYZO newcomers may have, collaboration with people who have the skills to help them turn their ideas into meaningful solution).

The third tier rewards community members for spreading the word about NYZO to the outside world. Before they get rewarded, community members need to mention and simply describe NYZO in media (Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, 4Chan, Facebook etc.) or to write an article about NYZO, to make NYZO presentation graphics, gifs or short promotional videos. Links with these posts or files should be added in #Media section on NYZO Discord channel.

These incentives will be simple to apply by using NYZO Discord bot (made by our valuable member iyomisc). Rewards will be publicly tipped to the Zonys by the following NYZO Discord members: NyZoSy and Monk (for tier 1 rewards) and Set Animals and Gigison (for tier 2 and 3 rewards). A short discussion between these members and choosing appropriate amount would precede before each individual tip. There will be a current balance and payment history check option (bot command), so anyone can see at any time to whom a reward has been paid. We will use these funds reasonable in good faith.

Maximum reward for tier 1 solutions will be 1000 ∩. For more critical issues and sustainable solutions, max. tier 1 reward could be doubled.
Maximum reward for tier 2 and 3 contributions will be 500 ∩. Rewards could be doubled for significant activity and NYZO presentation results.

To be eligible for a NYZO Discord tip rewards, contribution must be non-trivial, and meet a minimum complexity requirement. For significant contributions appropriate NCFPs will be formed as we have done so far.

Proposed amount: 75,000 ∩

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A seperate reward should be given to NyZoSy and Monk. Their work and research deserves a little more than 1k nyzo in my opinion. But this is a good starting point for giving rewards out to community members’ contributions

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Thanks for the comment Mr. Lufo.

This proposal is made to stimulate members who are willing to contribute with little less engagement, it is about much more common “smaller” contributions of great importance with a little more action. When we talk about significant contributions which are of paramount importance such is the case of NyZoSy and Monk, other proposals for this level of development will be suggested with appropriate amounts.

I really like the idea. Community engagement is a very important part in bringing the project forward. Incentivizing the community in a much easier way than creating small NCFPs could be a huge marketing tool in attracting new passionate members.