NCFP-15: OTC For marketing

I am Bill from the Nyzo Chinese community and I have been working in the Nyzo Chinese community for a long time.
The purpose of this proposal is to use NYZO community funds for OTC, and use the converted (BTC ETH USDT) for marketing.
We hope that more and more people will directly accept NYZO for payment in the future, but in the current state, there are still some needs to use BTC ETH and USDT. Therefore, the Marketing in this proposal may be accompanied by the use of NYZO+BTC(ETH USDT) when used for payment.
NYZO approved under this proposal will not directly enter the exchange. Only under appropriate goals and used to promote NYZO can you apply for community funds for OTC.

In the following, I will use NCFP15-x to propose some specific content.

The first may be a proposal to list NYZO on a Top5 popular exchanges in China.

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great! The community will make this NCFP passed quickly I believe.
Have you issued cycle txs yet? I didn’t see any on this page:

NCFP15-1:Listing on a top5 popular exchange in China.
Account: about 50k USD(USDT+NYZO)

  1. Used for listing and technology integration fees
  2. 1k NYZO rewards for me and 1k NYZO rewards for community devs that provides help.

Due to the amount limit of a single cycle tx (100K NYZO), this proposal will establish 5 cycle tx, each cycle tx has 100K NYZO, a total of 500K NYZO.
When there is surplus, it will be returned to the cycle fund or used for next.
Regarding the price of OTC, refer to the average price on qTrade.

NCFP15-1.2: sig_g6dA__8.EuM0brymA9fGfsb4kc9cPWp9T6BYGor4q66SsmfCV0GpmY9aV_afD.D7TM8ztYU-TFxYz9EejyGgyNKVHITF
NCFP15-1.3: sig_g3Ejd0.ErhYv1E2bgWIZ1cPkAp.oqyAMJzZ56KfNUxQDgXBWaBb1WLSr7sYj_2hCTS~zWV1A4wvc5BjUMT0vGNwpanB-
NCFP15-1.4: sig_g3aRx6C1uCVhf42ioopANxs4skIN9t0EIHcI4FqREXc4nfSXbSGBR~J411.31PndzAtRu-sodYGbYKi5Ng9ksxiZJf3Q
NCFP15-1.5: sig_gdF5AJEUW_95m_q9.09xLHwSExiEDF.hyRTa_Ev.2DJtse0T-.2AdRILLDsyDUd8kz1V9rpGA6Pe0eBr5M.YDx.P.QMN

You can vote them at once on your Sentinel:
sudo java -jar /home/ubuntu/nyzoVerifier/build/libs/nyzoVerifier-1.0.jar co.nyzo.verifier.scripts.CycleTransactionSignScript sig_g6yVs2z0uben46~gs4.NPGS_Q9nVqLXPaeXVEg5ySiiuedePiHEYu9nyYMQP60ktX7x4MHSe5hPvA3f79.vMUxcm-fYp 1
sudo java -jar /home/ubuntu/nyzoVerifier/build/libs/nyzoVerifier-1.0.jar co.nyzo.verifier.scripts.CycleTransactionSignScript sig_g6dA__8.EuM0brymA9fGfsb4kc9cPWp9T6BYGor4q66SsmfCV0GpmY9aV_afD.D7TM8ztYU-TFxYz9EejyGgyNKVHITF 1
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