NCFP-19: Incentive Plan

Hello my fellow nyzonians,

i already talked about opening to the community in the past and the Incentive Plan is the first step towards a collaborative effort of an official community managed nyzo website. We have many talented and dedicated community members, yet we still work as single entities each on our own projects not fully facilitating our full potential.

New members in the community are hungry for opportunities to earn nyzo in different ways than running verifiers - which is already very hard with the current size of the cycle and the amount of verifiers waiting in the queue. Also, not everyone is a programmer/developer and creating NCFPs for small contributions is slow and inefficient.

With the Incentive Plan i propose a managed (currently only me, z0rn) Incentive Fund for managing and rewarding content creation for and the YouTube Channel.

Interested users can pick an open task from a public task list and get a reward.

A small committee of 3 or more users (volunteers can contact me) discuss, analyse, proofread, publish and decide rewards paid to content creators which include:

  • Creating video and text tutorials (video: base reward ∩300 + individual bonus, text: base reward ∩100 + ∩0.5 - ∩1.5 per word)
  • Writing articles (base reward ∩100 + ∩0.5 - ∩1.5 per word)
  • Designing graphics (base reward ∩50 + individual bonus)
  • (other categories may be added in future)

To prevent unnecessary long writing, the payment per word will be decided by quality of the overall publication:

tier list
tier 1 - ∩0.5 per word
tier 2 - ∩1.0 per word
tier 3 - ∩1.5 per word

this will ensure quality over quantity writings.

The rewards per word are based on usual payments a blogger/texter receives for an article.

Volunteers in the committee will receive a compensation for their efforts:

  • discussing a submission - base reward ∩50 per member
  • proofreading - ∩0.1 per word

Hit me up, if you’re interested in participating as a committee member. If you’re a native english speaker, that’s a big plus :slight_smile:

A public landing page for the Incentive Plan is already in work with a more detailed open tasks list and rules.

Password: nifp

The site is almost finished and will go public when the CTX is approved.

that’s not easy - because i can’t forecast the lenght and quality of the content we will receive. let’s assume that all tasks of the current list are done and the medium lenght per article/tutorial is 1000 words by tier 2 quality (∩1.0 per word) and video and graphics receive an individual bonus of ∩1,000, respective ∩200 each:


The total expense forecast results in ∩37,050

To have some kind of flexibility and the option to list additional future tasks i propose an amount of ∩50,000

If additional funds are needed in future, i will issue a new NCFP with a new proposed amount.

I will act as a treasurer as long as NYZO has no multisig feature.
Rewards will be adjusted based on the current dollar value of NYZO.

Please let me know, if you think the rewards are too high/low and why. And check out the rules on the landing page.

i issued a CTX according to the amount porposed in this NCFP.
The funds will be received by a dedicated wallet i made for the fund to dont mix personal holding and the incentive fund.




I Like the idea. will support by voting.

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Agree and support.
Go on

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since i didnt hear any negative opinions on this NCFP i will go forward and issue a CTX later this day.

thx my friends :wink:



Agree and Support.
I can help to review for Chinese content.
Suggestion: If someone create own Nyzo community, we can also give rewards based on the effective number and activity.

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Looks like this was funded. Closing. Make additional topic as a subproposal for future projects if needed.

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