NCFP-2.1: 😎 passed 😎

  A	           B	     C	      E
Angainor	YanDevDe   NyzoSy	 Moco
20000	     20000	   10000    30000
7500	      7500	    4000	10000
20000	     20000	   10000	30000
4000	      3000	    3000	 5000
11500	      8000	    3500	30500
11500	      9000	    3500	16000
12416.66     11250      5666.66 20250 **AVERAGE/FINAL AMOUNTS**

:arrow_right: CYCLE VOTES


A: @Angainor:
NyzoSpace - BIP39 HD Wallet
NyzoStrings - NyzoString Library
Rationale: A reference quality implementation of Nyzostrings, and associated HD wallet that is SLIP-compatible. This would be very important for further adoption of Nyzo on cross-platform solutions.
Proposed amount: 20,000 nyzo
Address: id__87vo1ihVrKMFD4bSXHU2D4ZRQKzsZpqCAkP8_PML9Ljzru.zFwbi

B: @YanDevDe:
nyzoVerifier - nyzoVerifier with RPC support
Convert public identifier to image
Rationale: RPC implementation is crucial for increasing exchange integration of Nyzo.
Proposed amount: 20,000 nyzo
Address: id__87v7G1WX91GrzT-30uHMQz4VSZaWRgrouzI0Hx651AXLJHrxP0sZ

C: @NyzoSy - Vanozy: Vanity address generator for NyzoStrings
Rationale: This project is a useful implementation of @Angainor’s NyzoStrings project.
Proposed amount: TBD
Address: abd7fede35a84b10-8a36e6dc361d9b32-ca84d149f6eb85b4-a4e63015278d4c9f

D: @Moco - MocoMaco/ThreeDotsIo
Nyzo Mobile Wallet for Android and iOS (multilingual)
Rationale: Nyzo mobile wallet runs on an app on your phone and it is useful because it can be used anywhere, also it is simpler than web wallet. This type of wallet is essential for further adoption of Nyzo.
Proposed amount: 30,000 nyzo
Address: id__88UT5xYF0PY5eN2utfiaVSqTq36V9Tg3PS.eurTw5k_QYnHKVtQG

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