NCFP-2.3: Nyzeye discord bot,,

A: iyomisc (member of the Nyzo discord community…

TX1 Nyzeye discord bot (first release 5/07/2019)

GitHub link:

Current features:

  • Verifier surveillance - DM if verifier/node is in trouble, list managed verifiers with balance and current state (up, down, queue or cycle)
  • Shows the balance of a given address
  • Shows current Nyzo price on several exchanges
  • Tipbot (deposit from Nyzo chain and feeless discord tips)
  • iyomisc will continue to work on important features that are required at a given time

Discord bot, User value:

  • provides in queue and in cycle users with an essential monitoring tool that directly alerts via PM when a verifier is down or joins the queue. No setup/maintenance needed by the user, alerts via a tool users already use: discord. Important and easy to use service to ensure good verifiers stability and react in time.
  • can provide balances and status of all of your watched addresses in one command
  • Recent Tipbot feature provides great value by easing onboarding. Users can be tipped directly on discord via their handle, not needing to setup an address.
    new users can be rewarded even with small amounts - the feature lifts the 10 nyzo minimum balance of new accounts.
    This feature was not officially announced yet, but was tested on another server, works fine and will foster discord activity as well as new nyzo holders once commonly known.
  • price watch feature is more common but is largely used, proving the value in users eyes. Just check the public nyzeye channel, it’s full of !price commands.

Nyzeye discord bot is a great way to maximize control over your verifiers/nodes by fetching important data and delivering notifications, etc.

Proposed amount: 7,000 ∩

TX2 website (first release 14/07/2019)

Current features:

  • joining cycle odds calculator
  • Richlist
  • Explorer (addresses, blocks, transactions, search feature)
  • Cycle (you can watch your verifiers/nodes to see where they are in the cycle and when they will make a new block)
  • Cycle votes (you can see who voted for cycle transactions, simply select a cycle tx and then you can lookup your address in the table and make sure you voted)
  • iyomisc will continue to work on important features that are required at a given time, User value:

  • Since the move from fifo queue to lottery, the calculator on proved essential to estimate odds of joining the cycle when queue is large as currently.
    This feature alone however was just a MVP, and real development of really took off with the recent explorer features.
    Until now, almost all data from explorers and various services was scraped from, the official explorer run by the devs. There was no alternate - consolidated and easy to use - data source.
    A chain explorer is a most needed tool for any chain. It proves the chain holds its history and can’t be faked.
  • explorer provides full transactions history, is searchable by address, block, transaction.
  • richlist - extracted from live on chain balances - gives an idea of the nyzo distribution, this is a mandatory step for any analyst/investor.
  • Newest cycle page can be seen as an experiment for now, but shows potential of replacing the text only view of by a more graphical and compact cycle view, that can give more insights. This likely will become a central feature of the new explorer.
  • Cycle votes page has proved invaluable for users when digging through voting issues and cycle transactions, since currently it’s the only public tool - in addition to - that can extract cycle tx and vote tx from the chain and report their current state. Provided data is more extensive than the official website.

Rationale: website could play a significant role in data analytics of the Nyzo ecosystem. The Nyzo ecosystem will increasingly leverage new forms of data and analytics services.

Proposed amount: 15,000 ∩

B: Snipe (member of the Nyzo discord community…

TX3 website

Current features:

  • knowledgebase (how-tos, documentation, articles, APIs, explorer etc.)
  • :ping_pong: (an in-cycle verifier watchdog that script pings all in-cycle verifiers and displays results as blocks, it is a quick overview of network health), User value and Rationale:

  • The speed and ease with which new Nyzo users are able to find information and solutions to their problems are all part of Nyzo community user support. knowledgebase is one of the web best locations where users can find answers for themselves without asking for help.
  • knowledgebase offering very useful information that might otherwise only be available through a detailed internet search. What makes different is that author understands users most important types of inquiries.

Proposed amount: 9,000 ∩


Fair proposal! I feel like the and deserve just a little more as their value is very high in my opinion.
My proposals:
A.1 discord bot: 7000
A.2 17500
B 12000