NCFP-2.4: website + QQ, Weibo and WeChat groups (Nyzo chinese Community) - chinese community website made by Bill (member of the Nyzo discord community… )

Nyzo QQ community - QQ交流群: 1007477423
Nyzo Weibo community - 微博@Nyzo资讯
Nyzo WeChat
(all groups are managed by Bill)


  • is the best and only chinese web location for all Nyzo related things.
    The website is offering extremely useful information on users most important types of inquiries.
  • All chinese Nyzo groups, QQ, Weibo and WeChat, are active and they represent the right place where current chinese Nyzo users, as well as newcomers, can get appropriate support on any Nyzo related issue.

Proposed amount: 35,000 ∩


I agree with the proposal and the amount.

Agree. support

Agree and agree.