NCFP-2.5: website + Twitter account + YouTube channel) twitter account YouTube channel
(all managed by z0rn, member of the NYZO discord community…


  • is the best NYZO community website to date for english speaking audience. The website is now revamped, it looks pretty attractive with all needed information, metrics and facts.

  • twitter account is No.1 NYZO related twitter account, regularly updated with the all current facts, news and updates. Also this is the most followed NYZO community twitter account.

  • YouTube channel is the place with 2 very useful and detailed tutorials about how to set up NYZO verifier and Golang sentinel. Both videos are made by z0rn.

One thing is for sure, z0rn is a leading member of the NYZO community with undoubtedly sincere intentions, always ready to invest great energy to help, to contribute and to promote NYZO on the best possible way.

Proposed amount: 18000 ∩

id__81eoQ6h-rx22G5cZ3E.jey~WrfJ-XTy4IUZU62d1aWcEAG193y0a (z0rn)

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Matching cycle transaction for NCFP-2.5 has been issued:


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