NCFP-20: [Draft] Nytro Fungible Tokens in a 2D fighting platformer game

General Description

In this NCFP I want to propose a first application to use Nytro tokens. The idea is to develop a game to boost the adoption of Nytro tokens in a fun way by using Nytro for utility tokens.
To achieve this, a new concept called Nytro Fungible Tokens ( or short NyFTs ) will be introduced. As the name speaks for itself, Nytro Fungible Tokens will build on the concept of Fungible Tokens. Not to confuse with Non-Fungible Tokens that recently gained a lot of hype in the crypto space thanks to Ethereum.

Different Nytro tokens will be created in the form of NyFTs that can be used in different parts of the game. These are interchanegable between people, so a market (and marketplace) can become available. A main currency token of the game will be used for microtransactions between players. This main currency token can also be used to value and denominate NyFTs.

Base Game Concept

The base concept of the game will be a 2D fighting platformer in which players can wager each other in battles. The players will be able to wager with the in-game currency and also put their NyFTs at risk in the battle. This means players can battle each other to gain ownership of the opponents’ items. A leaderboard and ranking will show the best players.

NyFTs will be used to represent in-game items which can be in the form of armor, weapons, food, other utility items, …

Phase 1

We will start with a basic game mode, in-game items and features which can be extended and build upon endlessly.

Phase 1 will include:

  • Basic gameplay and fighting mechanics
  • 1 map
  • 1 game mode: 1 vs 1 battles
  • A basic set of starter items / NyFTs


  • Game modes: 1vs1, 2vs2, FFA battles
  • Leaderboard
  • Wager matches
  • Items: weapons, armor, utility items
  • Marketplace for NyFTs
  • Generative art and items: I like the concept of generative art we currently see being done on-chain with smart contracts on Ethereum. This brought me to the idea to dig into the concept of ‘generative art’ in an off-chain manner that can be used for items/skins. Ownership can then again be proven by holding a NyFT token with 1 (or limited) supply. The rarity of items can also be determined by using a randomization factor in the generation of the item.
  • Extension of game: open world and RPG aspects, …


Some friends and myself (devs + artist/designer).


There should be rewards in different phases and for different features. This will need to be worked out more in detail later. I hope to hear from everyone what value they give to this NCFP and different aspects and features of the game. Please discuss!

Final note

This is a first proposal and will be subject to change over time. Ideas, feature requests and improvements from the community are very welcome!

Fully support, and agree with tiered reward.

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Agree and Support

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Open source?

In-browser or targeting a specific os?

Yes, open source.

Probably cross platform, but TBD. We’ll be working out the details in the coming weeks.

You have my support. I really like the idea.

what is on your mind, a game like “Street Fighter”? or more like a 2d smash bros?

I love this idea. I also love the part about integrating generative art into it. It brings unlimited possiblities. For example using GANs to create new content could be really something.

Would be good to start with something simple (maybe a browser game) and then expand from there.

A little casino type game could also be an idea, where people could make more nyzo (or nytro tokens) betting on stuff.

Could the micropayment chrome extension be integrated with Nytro tokens?

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Neat idea? Any updates or progress? Estimates of funding required?

No updates so far. No funding needed, development can be rewarded after delivery. I don’t want any pressure for now, irl work related projects are taking up all my time. This should change very soon though!

I will start with a prototype/MVP to showcase the use of nytro tokens.

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