NCFP-21: Nytro Hackathon

With this proposal I would like to fund a Hackathon for Nytro applications.

Basic requirements: build an open sourced app or website which uses Nytro tokens. This will have to be done within a certain timeframe (TBD).

Total proposed amount for hackathon rewards: 50000 ∩

  • 1st place (best project voted by nyzo community or cycle): 12500 ∩
  • other implementations will be valued based on different tiers:
  • Remaining amount in will be send back to the cycle fund.

I think it’s imporant to reward every participant that completes a project for the Nytro Hackathon. This will be a way to boost Nytro usage and adoption. Every participant will have to register himself in order to be able to join the Hackathon.

Initial Proposed amount: 50000 ∩ (more could be needed depending on the registrations)
Hackathon timeframe: 1 month of development time
Dedicated address: id__8dCsk.KgzbSpn2KVguuc0bKKi7wrMxQLXd~QXG.KuQGoKiXiRsoB

  • You can remove “simple”, just “app or website”

I’d add an important constraint:

  • app has to be opensource, released on github

  • Apart from the top 1, could be different tiers depending on some criterions:

    • originality of the concept
    • potential for large adoption
    • quality of implementation
    • UX, ease of onboarding
    • comprehensiveness of the doc
    • support website/twitter/community
    • ?

My suggestion: have like 3 tiers (depending on an aggregated note from the above metrics), with a reward each, then give an extra bonus to the top 1 to 3 apps (after community vote).

Use gitcoin maybe to be more visible to devs?
Many hackatons happen there.
(unsure what are the requirements to run a hackathon)

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Thanks for the feedback. All good ideas!

im no developer, but a hackathon really could attract new devs and ideas. so, i’ll support this :ok_hand:

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I was looking into the Gitcoin hackaton platform and I think it’s perfect for nyzo. I’d like to move on with this idea and would love to see our own hackaton hosted on Gitcoin. This will attract the right kind of people to nyzo. Thanks for the tip @NyzoSy!

However, Gitcoin’s “Code of Conduct” states:

This Code of Conduct applies within all project spaces, and it also applies when an individual is representing the project or its community in public spaces. Examples of representing a project or community include using an official project e-mail address, posting via an official social media account, or acting as an appointed representative at an online or offline event. Representation of a project may be further defined and clarified by project maintainers.

I propose to open a cycle tx to appoint me or someone else as the official representative for this NCFP. This will be the right way to do so and show the power of nyzo at the same time. At the same time it would show if there is support from the community for this idea.

Anyone from the Admin or Mod team that wants to push this forward? If not I’ll volunteer to be the representative.

I support this proposal, it is a good idea on Gitcoin.
btw, If you are the representative person. give a reward for your work


I think this is a good idea. Incentivizing devs to create apps on nytro will definitely bring more people into the project. Glad to see we’re using the cycle fund for things like this. Let’s create that cycle tx and have Lufo as a representative for this NCFP. Of course, Lufo should be rewarded for it.

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I support this. Let’s vote about this one.

Let’s get this going. I’ll make the tx.



Is there a schedule?