NCFP-22: [Draft] Marketing Campaign: new queue verifiers incentive


The goal of this NCFP is to engage new people to learn about Nyzo and join the cycle.

We all know giveaways attracts a lot of new people wanting to earn a quick buck, but we want as many people as possible to also stay. Reaching new people is one thing, keeping them in the community is another. So of course we’re not just going to give the Nyzo away…

People will have to provide proof in a dedicated channel in the discord that they set up a verifier in queue (and sentinel (?)). After verification, they will get airdropped 50∩ (8.5$) over time in separate parts (span of 30 days) to their verifier address. This amount is enough to attract people, and will pay for the VPS costs for at least one month. This will be done in different parts over time to incentivize to keep the verifiers at least for the 30 day period so they can enter the lottery. Entering the lottery will incentivize to keep the verifiers longer.

We need to take some additional measures to avoid botting. In my opinion setting up a verifiers (and sentinel), takes enough time and is challenging enough for new people to avoid immediate deletion after the payout. We will gather a list of addresses and can write a script to do the payouts on the compiled list.

There might be a lot of manual verification that needs to be done. But I think there are enough community members that can help make this happen. We could for example appoint active members of the community we trust to verify participants and work together on this. This might take some work to accommodate, but I think we can make this happen.

I just wanted to throw out this idea. Let’s discuss the feasibility and possibilities. Let’s try to refine it! I really think this can have some potential.

Cycle tx Proposal

Proposed amount: 50,000 ∩ ( we need a cap on giveaway/marketing campaign)

Remaining amount will be send back to the cycle fund

Signing a message with the verifier key is an easy (automated way) to verify you own the verifier.
This is to be validated with Iyomisc, but that lottery thing could be mostly automated with the help of the nyzeye bot and maybe a specific API.
Workflow to be designed.
imo, hardest part is avoiding discord bots and current large queue owners.

  • verifier should be new (ie, added to the bot when still in the 30 days period)
  • we could add some constraint on the discord account, should have some activity, or received a tip from at least 2 different users to be eligible. something that can be automatically enforced.
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I like giveaways, but like ones better that bring in populations completely different than the existing userbase.

Had always liked how Namebase did their airdrop. They used an existing cryptographic resource (developer SSH keys) and turned that into redeemable tokens. I was thinking of doing the same with a not insubstantial amount of nyzo (100 n) across all Github developers with some follower limit (Handshake came up with 200,000). Maybe to switch it up, could count pull requests or whatnot. Yes, that means an impressively huge 20 M distribution, but I don’t see anything near that amount actually being disbursed. Since the list would be pre-generated, there would be no signup process; just word of mouth. Change numbers to your liking (maybe 50?). Call it “NYZO@github” or something.

If this is funded by cycle transactions, then an automated system that checks a designated airdrop fund, sends the funds if available, and retries the transaction in a week if not could work. There would be incentives for developers to claim their funds as fast as possible before it runs out, and cycle participants to vote for more rewards to onboard more developers.

PS This would be in addition to the verifier giveaway. I like the idea and would welcome a cycle tx (or you can ask me to make one).

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Jim’s suggestion is worth digging, I like the idea of attracting a new class of users, especially devs.

I would rename this draft @Luf0o , to make it more clear:
I see Jim’s suggestion as giveaway / targeted airdrop, whereas yours is more of an incentive to start new queue verifiers and remove some initial friction.

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That’s a great idea! I think I remember another project like 2 years ago or so that did something similar? But I don’t think they ever launched :laughing:

I’ll try to move forward with this!

Ok found it after some digging, was a different approach:

Some update for this?

With a larger exchange listing, NYZO will get more attention.

There will be some ordinary non-technical users from the exchange, which will be attracted in another proposal.

and some devs, the hackathon is important.

and some users who are interesting in participate in verifier nodes. With a large number of candidates nodes in the queue, long-term unprofitable waiting will be disappointing. So this proposal(NCFP22:queue verifiers incentive) is very important, we should make it more detail and implement it.

I have the following suggestions:

  1. 30 days after new queue node setting, each node can apply for 15 NYZO rewards, and each user can submit 20 nodes. But a pure subnet user node(, only one node will be rewarded .

  2. Users need to join Discord, and Chinese users join the QQ group. (Who can design a way to prevent discord bots)

  3. Collect information by filling in the form, the form must include Discord name(or QQ name), node page, wallet address etc.

  4. 8000NYZO will reward community members who collect this information, and 8000NYZO will reward community members who collect this information in Chinese group.

  5. The first phase of the queue node incentive plan, Set the time limit is 6 months, and the limit is 4000 new nodes (60000NYZO)

I like it. I think this would be better done in a few parts:

  1. Create a form (e.g. google forms) to collect discord ID, node, and IP
  2. At the same time, have list of queue nodes be scraped (e.g.
  3. Have a bot that periodically processes the list and send payments
  4. At the end, send payment to the community members who set this up.

I think probably 10 nodes/user is more than enough. I expect a decent response to said “large exchange listing”.

Sy or iyomisc probably have more experience setting this up. Maybe we can use Nyzeye?

This Proposal is very improtant.
Whether it is manual or robot collection, one person needs to preside over this matter. Action is more important than discussion.

I fully support this. Let’s get it going!

I fully support this proposal.

Ok, I’ll handle this proposal.

Checking with iyomisc what is technically possible with less possible human checks.
Nyzeye likely to play a role if we want to limit to some amount per discord id
(we could as well decide to directly pay all new verifiers, no matter their owner)
Pros of involving discord - and/or requiring some discord activity- is growing the discord user base as well.

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When will start this?