NCFP-23: Marketing proposal

The aim is to make Twitter and Telegram more active, Discord is a more technical social network and those who are really interested will approach themselves. We must aim at a specific target, those who already know crypto and the blockchain.

How to do this?

By creating a “competition” with prizes in the community. The hashtag for twitter is that of #NyzoInPeople


• Participation in the competition must be done by sharing the status where Nyzo will announce the start of the contest on your Twitter profile.

• The contest will be divided into rounds, each round will have winners and prizes. A topic will be chosen for each round, on which the contest will be based, for example: “topic of the day: explaining what Nyzo is” in this case it can be done either by writing a text on Twitter or with the imagination with an image that explain it or a short video; “Create funny memes or pictures about Nyzo”; “Tell people they can make money by working for Nyzo”, pictures and a description can be used.

• The duration of each round will be 3 days, this to give the participants time to prepare what they want to publish, only a product of their work will be able to enter the contest! We all have commitments and in this way we give the opportunity to have more time available.

The Twitter link or the sticker or the meme or the status or what has been prepared, will have to be posted in a group like Nyzo_Blockchain group on Telegram. Why there? Because Telegram is more accessible for everyone, it is the social network where you communicate best, the main chat must be left clean, it is used to welcome newcomers and solve the doubts that the community has.

• The products admitted to each round that will be accepted will expire at 24h UTC on the third day. There will be a vote and whoever gets the most votes will win the prize of that round! Not only that, the winner will be shared with a special status on Twitter or on the main page of Telegram and Discord.

• The prizes will be in nyzo but will always have the conversion with the dollar; There will be 2 winners for each round, the prize for both will be in nyzo for a value of $ 5 each;

What do you think? what do you suggest?

MY PROPOSAL WILL NOT START UNTIL THERE ARE ARTICLES IN THE LANGUAGES. When someone comes to the community it is only fair that they find a description of Nyzo in her language.


Thanks for the proposal! The general idea seems good to me, you have my support. This looks like a more easy to execute one but you’ll need support of the people running the nyzo twitter accounts / discord mods.

We now have 3 open marketing NCFPs. Maybe we can also take a look and try to merge them into one bigger campaign that has different components/rounds like you propose? Working together with a few people will facilitate the execution. We can create a marketing roadmap and create a planning on which campaigns to execute during what period.

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Thanks for the reply! Can you tell me which NCFP you are referring to? I’ll tell you what I think

My proposal has a very different goal from “NCFP-21: Nytro Hackathon” or “A proposal to reward NYZO Discord community contributions”. The aim is to make the community more active on social networks and try to increase the number of the community.
It is a psychological factor, many people do not want to study a project in depth (also because not everyone has the right knowledge) and some are based on the Hype behind it. By trying to create some movement, we could create interest and thus also attract people with knowledge, who could help us in the construction of the project.
The proposal was deliberately divided into rounds, to give everyone the chance to win

Was talking about:
NFCP- 18: #streamers4nyzo marketing campaign and
NCFP-22: [Draft] Nyzo Giveaway Marketing Campaign


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I had a look. It’s all interesting, if the community agrees, you can start what I said and try, the monthly expenditure is low and would create a good image for new entrants.

P.S. Regarding other campaigns, newcomers who don’t know what a blockchain is should be educated. Here we set our community in motion which knows what Blockchain and Nyzo are

The voting procedures for each round must be defined. Based on the likes received, it would certainly be easier. While on more complicated telegram.

The topics to be covered for each round must be defined. I have some ideas but it is best to consult with the most experienced to get a clear idea of the most important topics that should be disclosed

It would be better to have the articles, but if nobody makes them we can start. The author of the article in Italian said it can be translated, it was also written in English. We are expecting someone who proposes to translate or write a new one.

If someone writes even if they like this proposal or an additional idea, that would be great!

Funds, it would be fine for the first month. Hopefully, I’ll ask for more funds, otherwise nothing.

So to start, I’d say we need about 600 nyzos.

Gigison is the custodian for NCFP-14 which shares many common objectives with this proposal such as article writing, translations, and other contributions. Perhaps you could get together? Addition subproposals for 14 could be made as needed for the fund.

This proposal has be stopped, I have the nyzo who gave me Bill, I wanted to give them back but he told me to keep them again if I had to have other ideas.

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OK, closing thread