NCFP-26: Revisiting the White Paper, a community effort

Hello everyone! After reading the original white paper, I was thinking that it might be a good idea if the community worked together to revise the document. The goal being to produce a paper as neat as Bitcoin’s, so that the uninitiated can get a clear picture of the technology and its potential.

I do not have extensive blockchain coding knowledge but I do have some experience in writing academic papers with the Latex typesetting software. I think we can use the free version of Overleaf, an online collaborative Latex Editor.

You can find the link to view the project below:

If anyone in the community is interested in editing the document, please contact me so I can send you the editing link.

So far, I’ve only added my proposed outline and I would appreciate some feedback. In the meantime, I will continue the work based on my markup of the white paper (refer to ncfp discussions channel on Discord).

I do not expect a reward for this task as I believe that it will pay off naturally if successful. And it will be if everyone chips in.

I will of course, appreciate tips along the way:


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Wanted to tip you, but something seems to be wrong with that wallet id. Could you check that?

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This is a meaningful job.
Community versions make ordinary users easier to understand.
Btw, Check you wallet id. it seems wrong.