NCFP-27: Overdue rewards for many marketing and social actions - Gigison

Since ages, Gigison has been a solid and always active community member.
He did quite a bunch of things, never asking for any payback nor NCFP for hilmself.
Now that Nyzo gains traction and the community seems to be seeking more exposure and marketing action, it would be a pity to forget what he did already, and not reward him for the past valuable job he did for Nyzo, for free or even from his own funds.

Here are a few things I can recall, feel free to add more and suggest an appropriate reward:

  • He’s the designer of the original ghost, visible on some stickers
  • Several active Twitter accounts, including Nyzogang
  • Nyzo reddit (he’s owner and did the design)
  • Nyzo instagram
  • Nyzo facebook

As for marketing material, I’ve seen countless short videos, either memes or promo video for nyzo. Same for many nyzo wallpaper, gifs, pics…

Some marketing actions I know he even paid with his own funds, to get the things done fast. I remember the cambridge guy video for instance. That was not for free: gigison paid and let it go.
Same with sending nyzo to twitter influencers, some paid FB ads aso…
I’m not aware of all he did, and do not have a view of what he may have paid from his own fund.
(Not even sure he kept the list himself)
I’ve seen him in several groups - outside of nyzo - spreading the world and trying to connect Nyzo to a wider audience.

Feedback and amount suggest are welcome.
It would be a shame not to reward someone who actively supported Nyzo for so long, doing behind the scenes work, paying for marketing, making marketing content, reaching out, managing so many Nyzo social accounts…

Gigison provided an address: id__8egxhTjAgwtY5A6rBixA2JX82AMWCQszs8nsjKT3JVPDUBkLhw.g
A 20000 Nyzo Cycle TX has been issued:


Absolutely agree. I’ve always wondered how he’s able to dedicate so much time to it.

Gigison does a pretty awesome job for nyzo and i always appreciated his help and opinion. Without his work and continuously support/marketing for nyzo, we wouldn’t be where we are right now. As Sy already said, i couldnt count all the graphics, vids and other resources he has made for nyzo and we really should reward relentless support and contribution to the project.

In terms of a reward - i know thats a pretty delicate matter for many community members and some see it as a “throwing around with funds” - but without members like Gigison, dedicated to the project, working everyday in supporting all the important channels, helping new users, creating content and ressources and spreading the word, nyzo wouldnt go anywhere. if you want to animate people to work for nyzo and spent their time in bringing this project forward, show that you care and reward them accordingly.

IMHO his past work over the last 2-3 years and the funds he paid out of his own pocket should be rewarded with ∩50,000 or more, but at the same time i know that this amount probably wouldnt go through and this wouldnt serve any purpose either - so i will propose a reward of


i hope we will see more proposals for his reward - show some love for the people working for all of us :wink:


Agreeing with z0rn analysis.
@gigison, can you provide an address for payment?
I’ll then update the NCFP and hope we’ll get more feedback in the mean time before sending the cycle TX.

Really have to add all the “unseen” things Gigi is doing, organizing so many stuff behind backstage. This is really time-consuming and for a 2-3 years half-time work 20k is too low (a lot of his work was done even when nyzo was at 10-20 cents…) but I agree with your concerns and with Nyzo price gaining traction, I can see why some people would want to stay this limited.

Overall, agree with Z0rn analysis.

Whether the Nyzo Meme of video gif meme, or Nyzo Gang twitter. other social media etc…
Gigison always works to contribute to spread NYZO.
The man is worth rewarding.

gigison and z0rn are definitely worth to be reward, but the amount needs to be discussed.
reference 17,778∩, Price=$0.1, Total $1777, Weibo,Wchat) 35,000∩, Price=$0.2, Total $7000
I think $8500 is fine ATM.
Now Price is $0.85, So I suggest the amount is 10000∩

In addition, I think the reward is not limited to this time.
Long-term contributions are also worth rewarding in the future.