NCFP-29: Marketing-Instagram/TikTok

The Instagram page is currently owned by Gigison, but he said he would give it to us if the proposal passes. Thank you Gigison!

I made pages on both platforms with the name to reserve the name. Since the appeal to Instagram and Tiktok to get the name @nyzo seems unsuccessful we will stay on unless someone has a better suggestion .


  • Instagram is currently the largest social network in the world. It would serve as a place to inform / quizzes / AMA / tutorials.
    For tutorials, we would use IGTV, quizzes and AMA with Instagram stories while the posts would serve for some fun facts or curiosities in general. Also, a new feature on Instagram (Instagram shorts) would find its application.
    In general, Instagram would be used to entertain already existing users of the NYZO platform

  • TikTok is the social network with the greatest reach. With one video that goes viral, we can reach tens/hundreds of thousands of views.
    So the goal of TikTok would be to reach as many people as possible and make them interested in NYZO, and to direct them further to Discord/Instagram.
    Example: Video how to set up an NYZO wallet. Anyone who makes an NYZO wallet can get an additional 5-20 NYZO(depends on the price of the token at the time and the reach of the video) tokens by writing the address in the comment and joining the discord channel.


  • 1000-1500 new discord members

  • Stable Instagram page with natural growth

  • At least 10-15 short tutorials up to 60 seconds (e.g. how to set up an NYZO wallet, set up a sentinel, etc.)

Proposed amount: $5,000 or around 20000 ∩ with current price of 0.25$

Use of funds:

  • TikTok 35%-40% → The money would be mostly divided into things like what is explained in the example. I also have a few more ideas on how to split the money for TikTok but I will not make this proposal too long.

  • Instagram 55-60% → The money intended for Instagram would be mostly used for Influencer marketing, paid Instagram story advertisements.
    There would also be hosted giveaways as well as prize-winning quizzes.

  • To the creators 10-20% → By creators I mean people like me who will participate in video creation and administration of social network profiles.
    If there are those interested in helping voluntarily or to be paid, they can contact me at Stikan#3980 (discord).
    Mostly I will try to work with people who are already in the NYZO network. But if there is a lack of professional staff, I will also use platforms such as Fiverr / Upwork.
    For now, one of my colleagues from work (Vasilije#1085) is interested in helping. The two of us have already made videos for NYZO together so we work well as a tandem.

id__85~q-MZbYD8rKX4sYv7.Sv0AnJuhi-zApmvhjk7qvP9cZmHvyDra (z0rn)

z0rn agreed to be ‘‘escrow’’

I use TikTok Instagram less, don’t know cryptocurrency users will be there? I believe you are also Nyzo Hodler, If you think it’s worth it, then I will support this.
Another suggestion, could you consider attracting users from Twitter, which I know has the most cryptocurrency users and is the most direct.

As stupid as TikTok and Instagram may sound, they can contribute a lot to the development of the community. I spend a lot of time daily browsing TikTok because it is “contagious” in itself, it just makes you scroll and scroll and not feel how time passes.

The goal of the project is not to launch nyzo into the sky with the price but to expand the community. I have already seen videos promoting eg helium miners and they really reach a large number of people. The amount is not too big it is worth a try.

Believe it or not I can bet that tiktok has more crypto users of the younger generation than twitter.

Also twitter marketing is a great idea that can work independently from TikTok and Instagram marketing.

Just HODL!

I like this attitude. and support

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Thank you for proposing this, full support!

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full support !! when u start ?

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Z0rn agreed to be my escrow, his adress:


the CTX is up for voting:


I will act as an escrow for the funds.