NCFP-30: Token support for mobile wallet (and more)

gm fam! :wink:

like you probably know from discord, redDwarf forked moco’s nyzo mobile wallet and added a lot of new functions to support NYTRO tokens and nfts. the new version is still in beta testing, but i think it’s time to reward his work!

the changes he has done in overview:

Functional changes

Display NFT and token in wallet
Display NFT and token in tx list
Send NFT and token
Support of nyzo:// url for « prefilled transactions » (you can create url with this tools :

Technical changes

Migration to Flutter 2
Update dependencies + null safety
Clean code with best practices

Source code:

Currently, only the android version is available for download, but we also have a working iOS app in active testing. main issue which currently hinders the release of the iOS version is the need of an official company for crypto related apps, before they can go into the appstore. we hope to solve that problem in future, if you have a suggestion or can help with publishing the iOS wallet, let us know!

Reward: i think we can all agree, that tokens and nfts are an important feature for any succesfull blockchain right now and with NYTRO, the foundation was already set. But without accessibility and easy to use tools, this won’t get traction. the token support for the mobile wallet is an important step forward to make nyzo more attractive to “normies” aka not so tech-savvy users.

with the usefulness of this release in mind, i propose a reward of 20,000 ∩

Feel free to discuss this proposed reward.

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I fully support this NCFP.

IOS wallet, and Nyzo Chrome extension is more important.
I suggest waiting for these two items to complete before voting on this proposal.
About android version, I hope it can be updated on google play.
android + IOS wallet + Chrome extension, agree 20,000 ∩.
If only android version, 3,000 ∩.

Red did some MAJOR refactoring needed to keep pushing updates to the Playstore AND needed to publish it on the iOS store. Also, he added some important features besides NFTs like deep links which will help interact us with webapps seamlessly. From my point of view, those 20k Nyzos are fully deserved.

Agree. Will support it

3000 n would be an insult, given the amount and quality of the work.

The wallet code is compatible with ios and android.
Difference in appstore availability is the proprietary store legal requirements, Apple makes it purposedly hard to publish crypto apps.

Full support.
Update and extra features were needed and crucial for apps needing token and nft transactions.
This was not even a “nice to have”, but a “need to have” feature.
20k well deserved.

Full support!

We need Chrome extension, a full function extension.
This is a very important entry (Web3).

I don’t agree 20,000 ∩ for only android.
Although the wallet code is compatible with ios and android, this is for devs.
For users, we should see the app in the app store.

Hi. Could you explain please the needs with chrome ? Thx

I have long time not used mobile/desktop wallet.
such as I use Metamask for eth and other evm chain, used Phantom for sol, used Keplr for Cosmos, used polkadot.js for polkadot, use Plug for ICP.
Chrome extension can be well connected to web applications.
Nyzo Chain is as good as (even better than) these chain, but less with use case.
So I think a full function Chrome extension is important as Basic components.

I’ve submitted the proposal to the cycle for voting:


receiver: id__88z0UBr0BTIzhxr02n66QMxycIYt3UhoCotqKQTuGf_tYMsBmXV8