NCFP-5: Exchange listings

This NCFP allows for exchanges and Nyzo community members to participate in a discussion. Since the Nyzo codebase has been built from scratch, exchanges may wish to cover costs and additional fees for listing the project on their trading platform.

If you are an exchange representative and you wish to join the discussion in this topic, that’s possible, but please verify legitimacy by uploading a text file to your trading platform’s domain with the URL of your community forum account. Include this URL in your correspondence.


Author : Snipe
Frameworks :
Exchange assessment form (pre-filled example)

  • Exchange ID: 1 (check last submitted form, increment by 1) - this is important for voting
  • Exchange name: Coin Exchange
  • Exchange URL: hxxps://
  • Coinmarketcap URL: hxxps://
  • Coingecko URL: hxxps://
  • Nomics URL: hxxps://
  • Cryptocompare URL: hxxps://
  • Other URLs: Messari, Onchainfx, Coinpaprika, …
  • Twitter URL: hxxps://
  • Facebook URL: hxxps://
  • Discord URL: hxxps://
  • Telegram URL: hxxps://
  • Other SM URLs: Pinterest, tumblr, medium, blog, …
  • Amount of assets: 100
  • Amount of markets: 2
  • Types of markets: BTC, USD
  • Global volume
    100% of all assets: 100 assets
    Trading period: 01-01-20 - 08-01-20
    Volume in that period: $100,000,000
  • Assets with least amount of volume
    20% of all assets: 20 assets
    Trading period: 01-01-20 - 08-01-20
    Volume in that period: $1,000,000
  • Trading volume historical source URL: hxxps://
  • (Global volume / Assets with least amount of volume) = 1,00 %
  • [For exchange only]
    Implementation cost in USD: $xxxx,xx
    Nyzo price at time of writing: $0,30
    Nyzo equivalent: xxxx,xx ∩
    Use escrow for funds unlocked by NCFP: [yes/no]
    If applicable, designated escrow agent:

Exchange voting round form (pre-filled example)

  • Exchange ID: 1
  • Exchange name: Coin exchange
  • Amount in Nyzo: xxxx,xx ∩
  • Escrow: [yes/no]
  • If applicable, escrow agent: name / forum url
  • If applicable, escrow address: id_
  • If applicable, escrow fee: xxx,xx ∩
  • Amount in Nyzo + escrow fee: xxxx,xx ∩ + xxxx,xx ∩ = xxxx,xx ∩
  • If NO ESCROW is applicable, the exchange verification procedure mentioned at the beginning of NCFP-5 should be completed. Optionally, voting can start after integration.
  • If ESCROW is applicable, the voting can start before integration, be in the hands of escrow and handed over after integration.
  • Cycle transaction signature: x
  • Cycle transaction link: x
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This should be an NCFP for “listings” or “exchanges” so we can add more as they come up. And more detail as to why Bitfinex or more details on the exchange.


Thanks, Bitfinex has responded that they do not want any reward for any listing. That is fine, I will revise this topic to contain a framework (in a similar fashion to ncfp-4) - so we don’t end up with a wide variety of topics for the same goal.

Website of our exchange: (international version) (only available in China) Exchange registration place: Hong Kong Exchange creation time: July 2017 feixiaohao encryption ranking website: coinmarketcap: facebook: twitter: twitter: English Telegram: Chinese Telegram: Number of assets: 65 Asset trading pairs: 104 Trading Pair: BTC ETH USDT FBT.
Hello everyone, I am the Commercial Director of the Hong Kong FUBT Exchange. My name is Yue and I am responsible for listing coins.
Our exchange has been following NYZO coins for a long time, in fact, we are often active in the telegram and twitter, so here is a late reply.
Our exchange can help you do marketing, marketing, community promotion, financial media promotion and reporting, major social media releases, brand planning and creation, product promotion and promotion, long-term help you increase the number of real users, long-term help You increase the project’s visibility and market activity.
Our exchange’s plan this year is to accelerate the rapid development of globalization projects, so we now have great support for various projects. We are now listing projects with potential for development at a very low cost, which is now a good opportunity for cooperation.
If you want NYZO coins to be listed on the FUBT exchange, please vote for your precious vote.