NCFP-6: Sponsored Coin Report

Author: Danielmc

Abstract : This NCFP proposes funding a sponsored coin report researched and published by Nik Patel, through his blog ‘An Altcoin Traders Blog’.

The goal of this sponsored coin report is to boost awareness and understanding of the Nyzo project. Additionally the report will aid in creating a diverse selection of resources for evaluating Nyzo as a legitimate cryptocurrency project.

Proposal NCFP-6:

I have been in communication with Nik Patel, and as seen in the screenshot below, the coin report will require:

10000 Nyzo ($3000) at the time of writing
nyzo 1

About Nik Patel:

In June 2018, Nik published ‘An Altcoin Traders Handbook’, which took crypto twitter by storm, and made Nik a Best-Selling Author on Amazon. His book is currently rated 4.5 stars and has made him a well respected figure in the crypto twitter community.

Nik has done sponsored reports for a number of crypto projects, including:



Voting for NCFP5: No NCFP has been generated yet, I’m not sure how to create one so if anyone can help with that let me know :).


Could only attach 1 pic + 2 links so heres some more details:


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What the NEXO report lacks imo:
proper formatting and imagery

What the DERO report lacks imo:
proper formatting and imagery

I know the text has been formatted, but it doesn’t strike me as inviting text to read.

The length of the report is about what you’d expect. The quality is worse than that of proof-of-review ( But the traffic might be worth it.

I will not vote for this unless I see some traffic statistics from individual coin reports (excluding traffic from community polls, those might be botted) - Might be worthwhile to get a quote from Proof of review and see how they compare

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I think its worth it, have read some off his stuff before and have bought because off his recommendations.

Through contacting others, I am of the opinion that the pricing for writing such a report is too high.
500-1000 $ would be in the appropriate ball park.