NCFP-7: Nyzo Animated Explainer Videos

Author: @MotionFactory

This NCFP is to create a series of dynamic and engaging , informative and educational animated explainer videos.

My name is Evan and this is my company :

Examples of my work below

I am honored to have created content for some pretty solid CMC top ranked projects such as : Tezos, Nem, Factom Protocol, Telos " EOS Chain" etc et

I have many years of experience and all my customers and past clients will attest to the fact that i work had, long hours and deliver top matieral and a truely competitive cost.

To date, iv been awarded proposal funding and succesfully passed from projects like : Nix Protocol, Telos Foundation, Nem, Rchain, Tezos Foundation etc etc

Im the real deal when it comes to marketing content, motion graphics and dam cool media creation.

Video Production costs for a single video can range anything between 3000$ - 7000$

I will to create 3 Modern Awesome Animation Videos for a total of 6000$ " this works out to only 2000$ per video"

Product Breakdown

Each gorgeous video will contain all the following :
Logo Animation, Color Grading, Text Effects, Voice Over, Audi Mixing, Animation, Main Editing/Mixing, Post Production.

Work Flow :
All 3 x scripts will be developed by me and someone on the team to oversee and guide / make suggestion to topis to cover etc etc

Project Timeline
All 3 x videos will be executed and delivered in 1 Month.

Ill accept NYZO Tokens to Value of 6000$. iIwill also HOLD all my coins for the remainder of 2020. My objective is to grow and assit the project, not to hit and run.

Should the community love what i produce, i will reapply for a new grant based on new topics suggested by the community. i wnat NYZO to kick ass in this space, i want to be a part of the growth and i want to see this project go to high places. A working relationship with someone like me would benefit the community at large. i hope you guys will see the the value and skills i can bring to the table. VOTE THIS THING IN!!!

Are you creating these videos from scratch?


@Razzle, hi - tks for checking in…in short…Yes, once the scripts are generated, i work from that as a base, then i either create custom graphics that i will key frame and animate per scene to suite, or i use my existing collection of asset packs, tools and plug-ins as well as other motion graphic extensions… over and above that. Each project / script is unique and calls for differant attention… hope that makes sense to you now…:slight_smile:

Things which I expect to see from this proposal:

  • detailed cost breakdown, this is missing and the amount charged is not little - for someone experienced in the field it should not be a problem to create a detailed overview of expenses and human capital needed for the job
  • competitive pricing: you are competing with a big industry and for anyone to approve this you should have a distinct competitive advantage over others which charge multitudes less. Please include your arguments in the plan in detail
  • No information on escrow - for someone as new as you are to the Nyzo space it would be wise to include this

The imagery you have provided so far already comes with some mistakes, considering the amount you’re asking for I am surprised to see these kinds of errors in your work.

A similar service on BHW costs hundreds of dollars - this stands in sharp contrast with the proposed thousands you’re looking to receive:

More normally priced video productions:✓&search[query]=video

Please clean up this thread, go more into detail as to what you’re delivering and avoid rookie mistakes in the work you’re presenting in this thread, especially when asking for such high amounts - it is not something I wish to see.

what a waste of time - hire someone else then

Pls delete this post and remove me account from the forum. good luck with the project