NCFP-9: Electric vehicle conversion for community use


Life is short, and this proposal is going to be 99% for the community to have fun, and maybe 1% marketing – but that is not the main aim here.

Developing, writing, being active in the community, maintaining nodes, keeping an eye on price movements etc. can all be rewarding aspects of NYZO, but I think to many they can sometimes be stressful.


I am proposing something of a curveball here. Compared to the other funding proposals the direct impact on NYZO might not be clear. But, the indirect positive impact could have a ripple effect – so please keep reading.

I propose that I convert a small/popular/cheap car from petrol engine to battery powered electric motor. Once built, it would be very fast and fun to drive.

The next part of my proposal would be to make the car accessible to NYZO community members, for short term loans or track days. I would like to arrange for local community members to meet for track days to get to know each other. This would be clean, green, honest fun.

The final part of the proposal would be to document the conversion, make the conversion open source and easy to duplicate. Then, another community member could do the same conversion, and share the car with their local NYZO community.

Cost during build

Wherever possible I will do the work myself. I estimate it will take 14 days of work, spread out over a month or 2 – because I have other commitments. I will do this work at no charge.

I will have a few main expenses, prices are ballpark:

  • the car £300
  • electric motor £3000
  • batteries £2000
  • power controller and auxiliary components like charging system & cabling £400
  • a plate to couple the electric motor to the car transmission £250
  • a few massive NYZO stickers. £50

You can see a full video of a build here:
I would be doing something similar.

After the build

This will be up to the community; this project is new territory for me. This NCFP or another one could help fund activities; this might not be necessary.
Secure storage £120 / year.
I would take on responsibility for the cost of routine maintenance, but I would not be able to cover costs of repair or replacement of expensive components.

Competitive Analysis

I will be building the car with my labour free, I will be paying retail price for parts. Ballpark conversion service at is in the region of £25,000. This proposal comes in at around 30% of that.

Chief Risks and Mitigation

  • Build goes over budget
    I will provide a detailed breakdown of costs if there is interest in the project. Then get a second opinion from an EV community.

  • There is no demand
    That should be something that we can gauge before the project is started.

  • The borrowing of the car is abused
    The car will be insured. Community members eligibility to use the car can be decided on different factors, e.g. time in the queue, contributions – hopefully this will minimise chances of abuse and misuse.

Funding Details

Open to discussion.


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