NFCP- 18: #streamers4nyzo marketing campaign

I propose a marketing campaign beginning 2021/03/01 and ending 2021/05/01 that encourages live content streamers to earn free crypto for themselves and their viewers through a Nyzo airdrop facilitated by the creation of a streamers4nyzo (or S4N) token via Project Nytro.

Twitch, one of many live streaming platforms, currently boasts 2.9 million average live viewers daily. An average of 1.6 million unique streamers create live content on the platform daily, most of whom maintain active Twitter accounts and Discord servers as well as other social media accounts. The average streamer’s ongoing need for content monetization, especially in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, represents a unique and cost efficient opportunity to:

-Increase awareness of Nyzo blockchain.
-Increase awareness of Project Nytro
-Increase the amount of Nyzo wallets.
-Increase the amount of Nyzo transactions

Streamers are always seeking out ways to further monetize their content. Many streamers, even those with smaller followings, have devoted viewers who would happily complete a few simple online tasks (such as opening a crypto wallet) if they knew it would benefit their favorite streamer. Viewers would be even more motivated by the possibility of receiving free crypto for their efforts. For these reasons I propose the launch of a #streamers4nyzo Twitter marketing campaign wherein:

-streamers are contacted and encouraged to learn about Nyzo, open their own Nyzo wallets, and participate in a campaign that enables them to earn small amounts of free Nyzo for themselves and their followers when viewers open Nyzo wallets and complete a few simple social media tasks including the hashtag #streamers4nyzo.

-streamers enter the campaign and receive their first S4N token by 1. Opening a Nyzo wallet 2. Following @nyzo_io on Twitter 3. Tweeting “I’m earning free crypto for myself and my viewers with the streamers4nyzo campaign from @nyzo_io.” 4. Copying and pasting their public Nyzo address into the tweet. 5. Including #nyzostreamer at the end of the tweet to facilitate the tracking of and making deposits to participating streamers.

-participating streamers then utilize their own live streams and social media to deliver the message “A totally free way you can support my channel and earn free crypto at the same time is by opening a Nyzo wallet and tweeting about it.” Streamers then encourage viewers to learn more about Nyzo, and provide necessary links to do so as well as links and instructions for viewers to open a new wallet so they can receive free Nyzo. Twitch streamers specifically will be encouraged to add a #streamers4nyzo panel to their stream’s panels to convey the necessary links and steps for viewers to qualify for the airdrop.

-participating viewers receive one S4N token when they 1. Open a Nyzo wallet 2. Follow @nyzo_io on Twitter 3. Tweet “I’m getting free crypto from @(streamer’s Twitter handle) and @nyzo_io just for opening a Nyzo wallet.” 4. Copy and paste their public Nyzo address into the tweet. 5. Include #streamers4nyzo at the end of the tweet. Each time a participating viewer receives their S4N token, the streamer mentioned in the qualifying tweet will receive another S4N token in their wallet as well.

-On 2021/05/01 the campaign will conclude, and every wallet holding the S4N token will receive 10 Nyzos for each S4N token held.

-streamers can then be encouraged to accept Nyzo as a tip or donation to their channel. If a large enough percentage of viewers opt to give their Nyzo back to the streamer as a way of supporting the channel, the transaction volume on the Nyzo blockchain will increase significantly.

The campaign can be limited to a certain number of participating streamers or a certain amount of total Nyzo awarded as the community deems necessary. If successful, the campaign can be repeated, expanded, and easily fine tuned for a more directed marketing approach by exploring the use of hashtags/tokens such as #gamers4nyzo, #musicians4nyzo, #artists4nyzo, etc. I can personally attest to the fact that musicians in particular have a great need to find more ways to monetize their live streams right now as local live performances have been impossible in parts of the world for nearly a full year now. Fans understand this struggle and many are eager to offer their support. This campaign offers them a completely cost-free way to do so as well as, for many, the excitement of owning your very first crypto asset.

As a Nyzo enthusiast and affiliated Twitch music streamer, I’m motivated and ready to spearhead the effort by promoting the campaign on my own Twitch channel and correlating social media. Having formed numerous relationships within the Twitch music community, I have the ability to present fellow streamers with this unique opportunity in an effort to start building the campaign at the grassroots level. I am ready and willing, with input from the Nyzo community, to write the necessary copy to convey the requirements and benefits of the campaign to interested streamers and viewers as well as writing some concise copy that briefly explains what Nyzo is and how it’s different.

This proposal, if accepted, will require two separate and distinct fundings: one for the amount of Nyzo to be airdropped and used for token creation and a separate amount of Nyzo to be issued as a reward for the initiative. I submit both for community discussion.


You have my support and I will try to help where I can!

Will you contact these streamers to discuss cooperation?

hello, I have an old specialization in marketing, when the internet did not exist;).
However, I do own Nyzo.
I would like to participate in your action to develop information and promote the Nyzo token.
I speak French and Spanish and not enough English.
How do we get into a relationship?

My idea would be, for example, to publicize the campaign and promotion offer to youtubeur and influential twitchers by contacting them.
Shortly after making films on youtube and twich.
Thanks for reading,

I’ve already begun contacting streamers and gauging interest. So far the response has been positive.

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@David_Martin I am also new to the community. I can only speak for myself, but I believe everyone here would be grateful for any contribution you can make to this campaign!

Thank you for your answer. I thought you were an administrator. Your momentum with the content of your proposal is very specific;).
I want to participate yes indeed, I have a strong capacity to make visible and to make people grow. I have done this before. Nyzo in France enjoys a low notoriety; but those who know approve and believe in the Nyzo Blockchain. The idea is to approach young people who have views on social networks to talk about Nyzo

That’s amazing.
Can you list some detailed schedules
Provide the approximate amount you need.
Is it through direct payment, or is it paid to the Admin account first and then transferred to you?

Sorry for the delay. Amounts are still difficult to determine as the viability of the idea is still in a fairly exploratory phase. Streamers are proving to be fairly hesitant as most are completely unfamiliar with the concept of airdrops.

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I wouldn’t give up yet on this idea. If your research comes to the conclusion streamers aren’t really going to work as a target audience to host/promote the marketing campaign, maybe we can start looking into other potential target groups? Or maybe just generalize the idea and do a giveaway open to everyone.

Maybe we can work together to push something out? See my proposal in NCFP-22 which focusses on onboarding new people by running verifiers: NCFP-22: [Draft] Nyzo Giveaway Marketing Campaign

I agree. The time line will definitely not be what I anticipated. I need to establish some relationships on the Theta platform. Even though the crowd there is crypto savvy, being perceived as “spammy” is the easiest way to get shut down and shut out! I think there are still valid moves we can make before opening it up as a general airdrop, but I’m open to going whatever direction actually makes sense in the end.

Any updates? Were you able to contact any streamers?