Nyzo Distribution Explained

Recently Nyzo distribution went through some major changes. The main one being that ALL funds outside of the cycle seed account are moving to a Community Fund account. This means that there is no Dev Fund (although worth mentioning they did create what many thought was a brilliant way of distributing funds for the devs - all based on organic transaction volume. Meaning if the project did not create organic transactions - succeed - then the funds would stay locked). The community controls the entirety of it and can vote to decide how it is used. This is a bold step towards a fully decentralized system. And one that should not be taken lightly. See below for more details.

20,000,000 distributed via seed account
(see https://nyzo.co/whitePaper)
77,507,419 to be distributed via a Nyzo Community Fund (75% threshold)
2,492,581 distributed so far via other means
(bounties, airdrops)

100,000,000 total

Details on the cycle-controlled account and transaction volume unlocking here: https://nyzo.co/buildingNyzo