Wallet Update Help&Information: NyzoStrings

:red_circle: NyzoStrings Updates/Help :red_circle:

Nyzo Wallet is now updated with NyzoStrings. The basics for why NyzoStrings are important/useful (per @jimtalksdata) :

  1. You can’t accidentally type a NyzoString incorrectly because it has error checking.
  2. You can easily tell private and public keys apart, which makes it less likely that you lose money.

Quickest way to convert your old keys is use https://nyzo.co/keyTool

  1. Use “Existing Key” section
  2. Enter your old private key into the top box
  3. Copy down your new NyzoStrings Private/Public Key

@angainor has also created a useful creation tool for Wallets. These are new tools currently in development (just to keep in mind) and have been posted in the forum already. But this is a new way to create wallets and QR codes that use NyzoStrings.

Can head here: https://angainordev.github.io/NyzoSpace/js/dist/index.html

Once you create a wallet or wallets you will see all the listed keys and QR code.

For Trading on Qtrade: :exclamation:Our deposit addresses for Nyzo have been updated, and should work natively with the web wallet (thanks to nyzo for adding prefilled data support). Nyzo strings should also work for withdraws (prefilled & id). Shoot me a message if you’re having issues:exclamation:

You need to continue to use your old image or hex.

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I hope there will be a desktop wallet soon. It’s really important for people to trust to store their coins. Certainly there is android but many people are waiting for a desktop wallet.


There are several ongoing projects and I believe wallets are a part of that. So hang tight!