What the Verifier Status Page Means

Via @cryptic-monk from discord:

IP address:

the node’s IP address

last queried: 71.8 seconds ago

when the website last asked for its status

nickname: :sailboat: Argo 746

node’s nickname

version: 560

software version on the node

ID: c34a…7af5

short version of the node’s public ID

mesh: 19177 total, 1759 in cycle

all known nodes, and those in cycle

cycle length: 1759

cycle length known to this node (should be same as above)

transactions: 0

seems to be defunct (?)

retention edge: 6076389

roughly: level down to which block info is retained

trailing edge: 6076413

roughly: level down to which consensus is monitored

frozen edge: 6083447 (Space100/cf…bb)

current level of consensus

open edge: 6083448

highest level that the consensus process is working on

blocks transmitted/created: 201/342732

blocks created by this verifier, and those it transmitted when it was at the head of the cycle

block vote: insufficient count=43; lowest-scored; h=6083447; cf9f…adbb

insight into the voting process for the next block

last join height: 6080868

last block at which a verifier joined, you can compare it to here: https://nyzo.co/cycleEvents

last removal height: 5996169

last block at which a verifier had to leave, see the above list

receiving UDP: yes

is this verifier receiving UDP messages?

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